Lying between the Montrose Basin and Brechin adjoining the river Southesk the Estate covers some 7,000 acres of low lying land, a combination of good arable land, forestry and permanent pasture, which has been under the stewardship of the Carnegie family since 1400.

The stability of ownership has allowed wildlife to flourish and the collaboration between Farms, Forestry, Game and Fishing departments ensures that the habitat is managed proactively and with particular attention to preserving the flora and fauna. The area includes a Site of Special Scientific Interest on Rossie Moor and the Southesk River, which is a Special Area of Conservation for its salmon and fresh water pearls. The estate also actively participates in the red squirrel project.

In addition the Estate has been at the forefront of renewable energy schemes. A biomass boiler has been operating to heat the castle and the flats within it under the Renewable Heat Incentive. A 100kw hydro-electric scheme was constructed in 2015 and is in operation on the river Southesk.  Solar energy is also being explored within the estate.

14 people are employed across all estate departments with the help of seasonal labour and outside agencies and companies guided by factor Charles Gow.


The Estate combines conservation with public access including hosting the area guide and scout camps.  

A magnificent place, so rich in history and tradition. So relaxing. Ross